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Agent Orange movie wins New York film fest award

The Tale of An Phuc House, which focuses on Vietnamese children living with Agent Orange (AO) problems, won the Best Documentary Film at the New York City International Film Festival that concluded on June 21 evening (Vietnam time).

 Directed by Bulgaria-born Ivan Tankushev whose wife is Vietnamese, the 91-minute documentary tells a story about the lives of 20 disabled Vietnamese children who are third-generation victims of Agent Orange at the An Phuc rehabilitation center based in Ho Chi Minh City.


As it had world premiere at the event on June 17, many famous people in the world movie circles committed to offer financial assistance to disabled characters featured in this film.

[vsw id=”IYWPZIr5uvc” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

 The documentary was jointly produced by Babel Entertainment in Canada and Crea TV in Vietnam and was filmed from late 2011 to March, 2013.

Tankushev will be donating all proceeds from the film to An Phuc as well as orphanages in HCMC.

“The Tale of An Phuc House is a moving documentary about the lives of twenty exceptional young adults who, despite their physical limitations, live their lives with beauty, dignity and pride,” the film fest’s organizers wrote on its website./.


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  1. I have often wondered about the children in Vietnam. I was in Danang and patrolled hi-way one in Dogpatch and I would give candy to a lot of the children and made friends with a lot of them. Thanks for the movie

    Lcpl Ira R. Braden USMC

    I lost my brother to agent orange 12 years after he got out of Vietnam and I Have health issues from being exposed to it on DaNang Airbase.

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