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Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam calls for efforts to support AO/dioxin victims

The Deputy PM made the appeal while hosting the international scientific seminar on AO/dioxin in Hanoi on August 8.


The event, which was held to mark the 55th anniversary of the AO/dioxin catastrophe, also saw the presence of former Japanese PM Yukio Hatoyama.

During 10 years (1961-1971), the US military sprayed about 80 million litres of toxic chemicals (61% of which was AO) on nearly 26,000 villages, causing the unprecedented AO disaster.

According to the Vietnam AO/dioxin victims’ association, there are now around three million Vietnamese AO/dioxin victims. The dioxin also destroyed vegetation as well as destroyed many primeval forests and coastal mangrove forests.

At the workshop, Vietnamese and international scientists announced and discussed scientific research results, clarifying the serious consequences of AO/dioxin used by the US army during the war in Vietnam, as well as proposed remedial measures.

In addition, the participants discussed measures to call for both material and spiritual assistance from the community for AO/dioxin victims. They also voiced their support for the struggle for justice of the victims, as well as against the use of chemical weapons and others of mass destruction.

Addressing the event, Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam affirmed that despite difficulties, Vietnam has tried its best to set out policies and mobilize all social resources to help AO victims, spending around VND10 trillion in care and support to disadvantaged areas that were heavily affected by the toxic chemical.

He emphasized that the current most important thing is the struggle to win justice for AO/dioxin victims, particularly those in Vietnam.

On the same day, while receiving former Japanese PM Yukio Hatoyama, Deputy PM Dam sincerely thanked the Japanese government and people, particularly the PM, for their support for the socio-economic development of Vietnam.


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