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Kind-hearted people honored for their support for AO victims

A total of 120 individuals have been awarded with certificates of merit for their kind-hearted work in supporting and caring for the victims of Agent Orange/ Dioxin across the country, at a meeting held in Hanoi on August 8.

Vinh danh nhung tam long nhan hau TAKind-hearted people honored for their support for AO victims (Photo:

The event, held by the Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange/dioxin (VAVA), was attended by Politburo member, Secretary of Party Central Committee (PCC), and Head of PCC Commission for Mass Mobilization, Truong Thi Mai; former Vice President Nguyen Thi Binh; and Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Tran Hong Ha.

Speaking at the event, Politburo member Truong Thi Mai said that although the war ended 42 years ago, Vietnam has still been suffering serious consequences from the toxic chemicals used by the US troops during the war. Around 4.8 million Vietnamese people have been exposed to the toxic chemicals, with over three million AO victims.

She emphasized that the Party and State have promulgated a number of policies targeting national contributors and revolutionary participants, who were exposed to toxic chemicals, in order to provide strong support for them.

She called for joint effort and further participation from organizations and individuals at home and abroad, as well as the whole of society in general, in caring for AO victims.

She stressed that the exemplary models of AO victims who have risen above their difficulties in life, as well as those who have shown their compassion and provided support for AO victims, should be honored and duplicated.

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