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Việt Nam, Japan in defence policy talks

The fifth Việt Nam-Japan defence policy dialogue took place in the south central province of Khánh Hòa’s Nha Trang City yesterday under the co-chair of Deputy Defence Minister Sen. Lieut. Gen. Nguyễn Chí Vịnh and his Japanese counterpart, Manabe Ro. 


VN-NB Defense Policy


The two sides discussed world and regional issues of mutual concern and reviewed the outcomes of implementing co-operation reached at the previous event in Tokyo in November, 2016.

Both sides expressed pleasure at progress in defence co-operation as well as the activeness of Vietnamese and Japanese relevant agencies involved. 

The two sides agreed to continue strengthening partnership in fields such as exchange of delegations, personnel training and sharing experience in UN peacekeeping activities. Overcoming the aftermath of war, including bomb and mine clearance and dioxin detoxification was also discussed. 

They also agreed to work closely in cyber security, maritime security, defence industry and technology transfer.

In addition, the officers also consented to create favourable conditions for defence units to conduct co-operation activities in the spheres of rescue, military medicine and exchange information among strategic research agencies of the two defence ministries.

Vịnh said the Party, State and People’s Army of Việt Nam had paid great attention to dealing with the war consequences and were calling for support from the international community.

He said Việt Nam expected Japan would provide official development assistance (ODA) to help the country test new dioxin detoxification technologies in Biên Hòa Airport in the southern province of Đồng Nai and carry out bomb and mine clearance projects.

The Japanese also agreed to consider the possibility of co-operation in building and operating an information technology and foreign language centre of the Communication University of the Vietnamese Ministry of Defence.  —

VNS (30 August)

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